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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: 5 Ideas to Help Save Holiday Stress

Christmas trees are up, lights are hung, and carols are playing everywhere you go as you count down the couple days left till holidays. The holidays are a special time when friends and family can put everything on hold to be with their loved ones.

It’s the one time a year that’s acceptable to stop everything that you’re doing to laugh and enjoy the people closest to you while creating a lifetime of memories.

This all sounds so perfect when thinking about it but yet you’re stressed….

You’ve done it again!

With only a couple of weeks left until the holidays, you have stuck your holiday shopping until the very last minute. Maybe you’ve come to realize that shopping for Christmas is not one of your fortes, that gifts require a certain level of thought, and maybe you’ve yet to figure this out.

Don’t worry we have your back. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 5 stocking stuffers that are both practical and affordable for adults to help ease some of the stress. We both know if you left your gifts until the last minute, you definitely didn’t remember to get the stocking stuffers. 

5 Stocking Stuffers everyone will Love

These following 5 items are unique ideas that the majority of people will love going into 2017 with:

**Note - none of the following links are affiliate links, we honestly just think these are some really great ideas**


#1.  A Power Bank

Let’s face it the world, as we know it has moved towards our hands. The majority of people you see walking down the streets are glued to their mobile devices whether it’s social media, texting, taking pictures, playing a game, or face timing there draining their battery.  

With all of the time spent using smartphones, tablets and other electronics a power bank can solve the problem of a dying battery. This is a simple and straightforward gift that your loved one will enjoy finding in their stocking.


#2.  Heat Holders

Now don't go skipping over this selection because you noticed the word socks - these are not just any pair of socks.  This stocking stuffer is for the individuals who have to suffer through the cold days of winter.  

The Heat Holders sock shop devotes their product into making life warmer.  These thermal socks possess a 2.34 tog rating and have been produced using a unique three-stage knitting process. The socks are designed to keep men and women comfy and cozy all year round.


#3  Purposeful Planner

We are at a point in our lives where TIME is turning into one of the most valuable assets to an individual.  With 2017 around the corner many people will be trying to become more productive.  To become productive, a person needs to be organized and create margin in their lives so that they can accomplish all of their goals.

The purposeful planner helps create just that bringing more purpose into your life. With 390 pages of purpose, the planner can record your budget, menu plan, task list, month list, daily schedule, and much more.  This handy tool is definitely a necessity for anyone else trying to live their life on purpose.


#4  Travel Mug

The amount of coffee and tea drinkers seems to be rising every year, especially as we approach the winter months.  For some its because of the cold, and for others it's the caffeine to help keep them up for exams or finish that last business proposal. Whatever it is - coffee and tea have become part of a daily routine.

Travel mugs allow you to save a couple of bucks and transport the coffee or tea that you've made at home. These reusable mugs are 100% spill proof while keeping your liquid warm within its insulated walls. Travel mugs can be bought in all shapes and sizes, but our personal favorite options can be found at Davids Tea.


#5  PerlaCoco

Every year there are numerous students that ask for some sort of teeth whitening agent for the holidays.  These students are at the age where they start to care about a white smile but do not have a hundred dollars laying around to buy teeth whitener.

PerlaCoco is a company that can solve both of these problems, and then some. PerlaCoco has created an enjoyable experience that helps whiten teeth and provide many oral health benefits.  This company has reinvented oil pulling by creating an enjoyable minty fresh experience with a natural and organic product.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on oral care products that are filled with chemicals - Surprise them these holidays with a chemical free 14-day mouth detox from PerlaCoco.



We hope to have helped ease the tension of last minute Christmas shopping with the list of 5 stocking stuffers.  We hope everyone has an amazing set of holidays with their friends and loved ones and cherish the moments that we have. 


Don't be lazy! Even as an adult stockings are still ridiculously fun to open.  It gives you an opportunity to jam a bunch of items into a sock without having to be perfect.  The gift is where you have to be perfect, so have fun!

Happy Holidays! 


Improve Oral Health: 5 Foods for Whiter Teeth and a Healthier Smile

Oral care has become one of the biggest industries in the world today with millions of dollars spent on chemical teeth whitening agents every year.

Oral health research continues to uncover many important reasons of maintaining a healthy mouth and the diseases that can be caused as a consequence in ignoring oral health.

Regular brushing and flossing continue to be the best protection against tooth decay and gum problems, but there are also many natural ways to help whiten teeth and have a healthier smile.

An important factor in maintaining oral care is living each day with a balanced diet. What goes into our body on a daily basis is often overlooked, but proper foods provide the nutrition necessary to promote healthy teeth.

There have been many articles and posts written on foods to avoid for white teeth and a healthier smile. The articles continuously say that people should try and avoid sugary drinks and sweets. These foods can erode tooth enamel creating areas that can form cavities.

Most sweets increase the acid levels in saliva or stick to the teeth making it hard for saliva to clean them off. People are also told to avoid colorful drinks and foods like black coffee and red wine to prevent staining teeth.


14 Days for Whiter Teeth with this
Chemical Free Product


Although there are many dangerous foods that people should avoid consuming, there are also many that can help naturally whiten teeth and provide people with a healthier smile. Often people will focus on what to avoid, instead of what they should be choosing to help.  

Below are 5 foods for whiter teeth that can naturally improve oral health while giving you a healthier smile.

5 Foods to Improve Oral Health

There are many foods that can be chosen to provide a balanced nutrition plan, but the ones below focus on improving oral health and aid in providing naturally whiter teeth.

Let's get started:

Everyday Water -
  Yes we know - you were looking for a little bit of excitement for that first option, but yet again water is at the top of the list for health.  It is common knowledge that water is the best thirst quencher and is extremely important for overall health.  But, water is also one of the smartest choices for teeth and oral care.

Water helps keeps the body hydrated and while doing so helps saliva wash acid-producing foods from the mouth.  Water also helps prevent colorful foods from staining teeth by sipping and swishing it between bites or meals. 

However, for water to benefit the mouth people must stay away from carbonated/sparkling types of water.  These waters have the potential to erode tooth enamel completely contradicting the point of using water for oral care.

Seeds and Nuts -
It is a proven fact that mixed seeds and nuts are extremely healthy for the body, and are a go-to snack for many fitness enthusiasts.  Mixed seeds and nuts are filled with protein and healthy fats for the body to absorb and are a great addition to a balanced diet as long as their unsalted. 

As you know, seeds and nuts are hard foods and must be chewed around the mouth to eat.  While chewing, the hard seeds and nuts rub against the surfaces of the teeth helping loosen plaque particles and stains stuck on the surfaces.  Pretty cool! 

Specific Dairy Products - The word "specific" is crucial when listing dairy products as an oral health helper.  Dairy products like milk and cheese are enriched in protein, and calcium helping protect the enamel from erosion and strengthen teeth surfaces.  Products like hard cheeses and Greek yogurts are also colorless adding no stains to the teeth.  These products help saliva production to neutralize acids in the mouth which in turn helps to protect and prevent cavities.

We use the word "specific" because it's important to not assume all daily products have these results.  Dairy products with color should be avoided to ensure results.


Apples, Celery, and Carrots -
Certain fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for oral health especially the ones with high water content.  Apples, Celery, and Carrots are just a couple that can help strengthen gums when eating while increasing the mouth's saliva production.  By doing so, it neutralizes the bacteria that leads to bad breath and helps wash away the food debris around the inside of the mouth.


Onions -  Many people are going to read this last one and be baffled.  Onions are notorious for bad breath, and defiantly not a choice for a first date.  But believe it or not, onions benefit oral health in a physical and psychological way.  

Onions are colorless and add a distinct taste to foods causing no surface stains on the pearly whites.  After being consumed, onions work the mind psychologically by allowing the person to know that they have bad breath.  This will cause most individuals to immediately brush their teeth after eating, stopping any foods from having time to nestle their way into any nooks and crannies within the mouth.


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Coconut Oil Pulling: Refined Vs. Unrefined

Ancient remedies of coconuts and their oils have been rediscovered in recent years shedding light on the numerous health benefits that these “fruits” provide to our overall well-being.  Uses of coconut oil range from cooking, skin treatments, hair masks to so-called Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling is an ancient remedy that is best done with coconut oil.  A person will take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around their mouth for 15-20 minutes.  Long story short, the fats from the coconut oil attract the gingivitis hiding in all nooks and crannies within the mouth, when the time is up, the person will then spit the oil out of their mouth taking the gingivitis with it.  This process is known for many health benefits including whitening teeth, killing bad breath, helping build enamel and many more.



But one of the most important questions comes up during the time of the purchase; how do I pick the healthiest coconut oil?  Why are they different prices?

What is Refined Coconut Oil?

When looking to purchase coconut oil for any of the reasons above it’s important to select the right kind.  The first choice is deciding which category of oil to use; refined or unrefined.

When searching a grocery store, or health store the majority of coconut oils will be refined.  Refined coconut oil is usually odorless with no taste, having certain elements removed during the processing.  This type of coconut oil is perfect for cooking because it can handle higher cooking temperatures.  Refined coconut oils do not offer the same health benefits as unrefined, but are still a great source of fatty acids.  Next, learn what unrefined coconut oil is and why we should use it for Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling with Unrefined Coconut Oil

The unrefined coconut oil is more popular when focusing on the benefits of a person’s overall body.  When examining a package of unrefined coconut oil the label should include “virgin” within the name.  The unrefined virgin or extra virgin coconut oils are made from fresh coconuts that only had a first pressing.  This means that no additional alterations, pressings, or chemicals were added to the coconut.

Why is this important for Oil Pulling?

When creating our product at PerlaCoco we recognized the difference and researched ingredients best for our brand.  We wanted to produce a high-quality product that would yield the most beneficial results for your oral health.

PerlaCoco is proudly made with organic extra-virgin coconut oil (unrefined) that is simply pressed and packaged retaining its original nutrient content, color, and flavor.  This oil is the best choice for oil pulling as it helps prevent acid-producing bacteria in the mouth otherwise leading to tooth decay and the corrosion of the enamel.  The many micronutrients in unrefined oil help rid the mouth from these bacteria, also known as Streptococcus Mutans.

Oil Pulling usually takes between 14 to 28 days to attain dramatic results, however, many who have tried oil pulling start feeling a difference after just a couple of days.  PerlaCoco not only whitens your teeth but also improves your overall oral health.  We would love to invite you over to our product page to take a look at our Mint flavor plans!

Try out some coconut oil today.

Coconut Super Fruit: Why are Coconuts a Super Fruit?

Many people from all over the world have seen, held, or even tasted a coconut but how many knew the super powers it contains?

The coconut is considered an interesting fruit, known for its versatility ways and is found scattered throughout the tropics. The coconut is an unusual fruit containing a large amount of water compared to the others, making its oil a very popular ingredient in the kitchen.

Coconut oil possesses a variety of health benefits and everyday uses due to its nutritional content. The coconut maintains its nutrients even when heated at high temperatures; it liquefies at 76 degrees and thickens when it’s cold.

You may already use coconut oil around the kitchen but did you know the many other magical uses from this oil?


Different ways to use Coconut Oil

The kitchen has been the most common place for coconut oil because of its high smoking point while cooking. Coconut oil is excellent for baking, frying or replacing butter in any meal as it's rich in nutrients and flavor.

During recent years, many people have been discovering many alternative uses for coconut oil and benefits that come along with it.

Oil that was found in our kitchen is making the way to the bathroom, and bedrooms as a beauty and health ingredient. There are many different types of coconut oils that can be purchased around the world that are better than others, but the most beneficial oil is unrefined, cold press, organic coconut oil to maximize all benefits for any use.

You can read more about unrefined vs refined coconut oil by following the link or check out the popular uses for coconut oil below.

Here is a very short list but important uses for coconut oil:

  • Super hair conditioner
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Shaving cream
  • Makeup remover
  • Treat athletes foot
  • Natural Chapstick
  • Gum Disease
  • Bath Oil
  • Tanning lotion
  • Dandruff
  • Cheekbone highlighter

Now that you’ve read some of the alternative uses for coconut oil it’s important to learn the benefits that make it a better substitute than other products.


Benefits for using Coconut Oil

There are countless benefits to using coconut oil all due to the fatty acids and nutrients it possesses. Coconut oil is composed of fatty acids such as Medium Chain Triglycerides and Lauric acid that allow for the body to receive numerous health benefits.

The Medium Chain Triglycerides, also known as MCT, are easily digested and absorbed by the body avoiding any negative effect on cholesterol. In fact, the oil doesn’t even need to be digested by the liver or Gal bladder resulting in energy, body heat production, increased circulation and metabolic rate.

On the other hand, the Lauric acid fights against fungus, bacteria, and viruses by slowing down and destroying their membranes. This action is beneficial when coconut oil pulling, helping destroy the microorganisms in the mouth that create plaque, bad breath, and gum disease. Furthermore, this acid has been known to protect your heart and reduce cholesterol levels.

The following is a list of coconut oil benefits for your health

  • Lauric Acid helps boost metabolism
  • Helps kills gut rot
  • Removes toxins from mouth
  • Prevents gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, bleeding gums
  • Whitens Teeth
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help with depression & anxiety
  • Improves circulation
  • Help heal cold sores naturally
  • Help with eczema
  • Moisturizes skin, face, cuticles, and feet.
  • Help prevent stretch marks
  • Support healthy thyroid function


At PerlaCoco, we've included unrefined, organic coconut oil as an ingredient in our product. When a person adds coconut oil pulling to their morning routine, they’re opening the body up to plenty of benefits.

Coconut oil pulling not only improves your oral health by removing the toxins, bacteria, and fungus in your mouth but also improves your overall health.

5 Secret Coconut Oil Hair Treatments

Coconut oil is that one commodity making its way into every household one way or another. Originally, coconut oil was just one of the many oils people could purchase to cook with at home. 

No one thought otherwise until now…

Coconut oil is rapidly growing in popularity for a wide variety of uses and benefits. In fact, in a previous post we just named 30 beauty uses coconut oil can be used for alone, with our personal favorite coconut oil pulling.

Coconut oil is now seen as one of the most effective hair treatments for a wide variety of hair issues. Many claim that coconut oil works better than any store-made treatments due to the fact that its 100% natural, the hair avoids the chemicals that are injected into store bought hair treatments.

Now before you go dumping a jar of coconut oil on your head let’s get into some details as of why and how coconut oil hair treatments should be done.


Why Use Coconut Oil as a Hair Treatment

Coconut oil contains one of the richest natural sources of medium chain fatty acids within it. Also known as MCFAs, these special fatty acids have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help nourish the body.

Within the medium chain fatty acids is an especially popular chain known as Lauric Acid. Lauric acid is very supportive of hormone health and cellular health, while also naturally occurring in breast milk. The Lauric acid and vitamin E help restructure the hair, increase the strength by preventing protein loss, and improving shine.

The structure of coconut oil allows it to penetrate hair the way other oils struggle too with quick and amazing results. The oil penetrates the hair shaft, going past the cuticle, repairing and preventing any damage.  It all sounds crazy, especially when people are washing their hair because it looks oily.

Why would people purposely be putting coconut oil in their hair?

Coconut oil hair treatments have been used for decades, people were simply unaware of the remedy. The oil works exceptionally well for repairing damaged hair that has been over-processed, heat damaged, or naturally dry. The oil can also help prevent dandruff while keeping the scalp fresh and healthy.

Let’s go into detail about the different coconut oil hair treatments that can be used today!


How to Use Coconut Oil as a Hair Treatment

Deep Conditioning

For a deep conditioning treatment rub in a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil into damp hair. When applying the oil try and use more where the hair is the driest and most damaged, especially near the ends. Allow the oil to sit in your hair for at least 30 minutes, some people will wrap their hair in a towel and leave it in overnight. It’s ideal to wrap your hair in a hot towel to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. When the time is up you will need to shampoo the oil out of your hair to complete the treatment.


Daily Detangler Treatment

Having long or curly hair can be a huge pain sometimes having to deal with daily tangles especially in the mornings. By taking a hairbrush and some coconut oil your morning problems can suddenly be solved. Simply put a little bit of oil onto your hair brush and gently run it through your hair from the roots straight to the end. Since it’s a tiny amount of oil you can just leave it in for the day and it will continue to nourish your hair.


Dandruff Preventer

Every day people are constantly buying chemical filled shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, or any other hair products that leave your scalp feeling itchy, and flaky. Let’s fix this today! Before going to bed wash your hair as usual and then rub in a small amount of coconut oil into your scalp. Wrap your head with a towel and leave the oil in overnight then take a shower in the following morning.


Hair Coloring Base

Coconut oil is an excellent mix with all-natural hair coloring to help with results. Coconut oil penetrates hair faster and deeper than other oils helping the color stand out and keep it from fading too quickly. Simply mix in a little bit of coconut oil with the coloring herbs and apply as you normally would to your hair. Once the color is set, shampoo and remove all oil and colorant.




Oil Pulling to Whiten Teeth

A white smile is one of the most popular, physical characteristics that people notice when meeting for the first time.  

Men and women of all ages are going to extremes to whiten teeth and improve oral health, spending roughly $2 billion on dental products in the US each year.

Lately, the practice of coconut oil pulling has resurfaced and people are buzzing about the natural remedy that whitens teeth; one of the many health benefits the body obtains from it.  

This remarkable treatment has been kept quite for thousands of years but has started circulating once again.

Let us share with you how oil pulling will PerlaCoco will help whiten your teeth. 

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

In a remarkable 20 minutes, swishing PerlaCoco oil in and around your mouth will provide a list of benefits that one would never imagine.

The process of oil pulling is done in three simple steps that we list on the back of each PerlaCoco packet (shown below).

First simply cut the packet open along the dotted line while pouring the liquid into your mouth. Next, swish the liquid gently around your mouth for 15-20 minutes to achieve the best results. After the time is up spit and rinse your mouth out with some warm water, and then brush your teeth.

What did this three-step process just do?

oil pulling steps 


When pushing and pulling the oil in the mouth it acts as a cleanser by pulling the toxins out of the cracks and crevasses that are accumulated every day. The toxins stick to the fatty acids in PerlaCoco drawing out the diseases and harmful elements and removing them from the mouth.

The oil will become thicker and white after a couple of minutes of oil pulling; this is bacteria building up within the oil. The process of oil pulling can be done with any oil, but coconut oil is the popular choice because it’s extremely antibacterial making it great for the mouth.

The list of coconut oil benefits are endless, but the following is an explanation of how it helps whiten teeth.

How PerlaCoco helps Whiten Teeth

PerlaCoco is a natural way to whiten teeth as one of the many health benefits that result from oil pulling. It is known that tooth decay is the 2nd most common disease in North America following the common cold.

In every person's mouth, there is a build-up of microorganisms that reside on the teeth but also the gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. One important job every day is to minimize these microorganisms to protect our oral hygiene.

PerlaCoco was created with unrefined coconut oil composed of fatty acids. Within these fatty acids is Caprylic and Lauric acid, which are known for dealing with bacterial infections and exhibiting antimicrobial properties.

When swishing the oil around the mouth these fatty acids attract the membranes in organisms like bacteria and fungus, and efficiently fight bacteria covered in lipids such as Streptococcus species.

While the oil pulling process is happening the oil cuts right through the plaque to the tooth's surface, eventually loosening the plaque and preventing build up. When the time is up, the oil is removed from your mouth taking all of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi with it. Oil pulling helps eliminate or prevent gum disease, cavities, bad breath, and plaque build when conducted on a daily basis.

Interested in trying it out?

Head over to the PerlaCoco product page and start living with a healthier smile!