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Improve Oral Health: 5 Foods for Whiter Teeth and a Healthier Smile

November 14, 2016

Improve Oral Health: 5 Foods for Whiter Teeth and a Healthier Smile

Oral care has become one of the biggest industries in the world today with millions of dollars spent on chemical teeth whitening agents every year.

Oral health research continues to uncover many important reasons of maintaining a healthy mouth and the diseases that can be caused as a consequence in ignoring oral health.

Regular brushing and flossing continue to be the best protection against tooth decay and gum problems, but there are also many natural ways to help whiten teeth and have a healthier smile.

An important factor in maintaining oral care is living each day with a balanced diet. What goes into our body on a daily basis is often overlooked, but proper foods provide the nutrition necessary to promote healthy teeth.

There have been many articles and posts written on foods to avoid for white teeth and a healthier smile. The articles continuously say that people should try and avoid sugary drinks and sweets. These foods can erode tooth enamel creating areas that can form cavities.

Most sweets increase the acid levels in saliva or stick to the teeth making it hard for saliva to clean them off. People are also told to avoid colorful drinks and foods like black coffee and red wine to prevent staining teeth.


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Although there are many dangerous foods that people should avoid consuming, there are also many that can help naturally whiten teeth and provide people with a healthier smile. Often people will focus on what to avoid, instead of what they should be choosing to help.  

Below are 5 foods for whiter teeth that can naturally improve oral health while giving you a healthier smile.

5 Foods to Improve Oral Health

There are many foods that can be chosen to provide a balanced nutrition plan, but the ones below focus on improving oral health and aid in providing naturally whiter teeth.

Let's get started:

Everyday Water -
  Yes we know - you were looking for a little bit of excitement for that first option, but yet again water is at the top of the list for health.  It is common knowledge that water is the best thirst quencher and is extremely important for overall health.  But, water is also one of the smartest choices for teeth and oral care.

Water helps keeps the body hydrated and while doing so helps saliva wash acid-producing foods from the mouth.  Water also helps prevent colorful foods from staining teeth by sipping and swishing it between bites or meals. 

However, for water to benefit the mouth people must stay away from carbonated/sparkling types of water.  These waters have the potential to erode tooth enamel completely contradicting the point of using water for oral care.

Seeds and Nuts -
It is a proven fact that mixed seeds and nuts are extremely healthy for the body, and are a go-to snack for many fitness enthusiasts.  Mixed seeds and nuts are filled with protein and healthy fats for the body to absorb and are a great addition to a balanced diet as long as their unsalted. 

As you know, seeds and nuts are hard foods and must be chewed around the mouth to eat.  While chewing, the hard seeds and nuts rub against the surfaces of the teeth helping loosen plaque particles and stains stuck on the surfaces.  Pretty cool! 

Specific Dairy Products -The word "specific" is crucial when listing dairy products as an oral health helper.  Dairy products like milk and cheese are enriched in protein, and calcium helping protect the enamel from erosion and strengthen teeth surfaces.  Products like hard cheeses and Greek yogurts are also colorless adding no stains to the teeth.  These products help saliva production to neutralize acids in the mouth which in turn helps to protect and prevent cavities.

We use the word "specific" because it's important to not assume all daily products have these results.  Dairy products with color should be avoided to ensure results.


Apples, Celery, and Carrots -
Certain fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for oral health especially the ones with high water content.  Apples, Celery, and Carrots are just a couple that can help strengthen gums when eating while increasing the mouth's saliva production.  By doing so, it neutralizes the bacteria that leads to bad breath and helps wash away the food debris around the inside of the mouth.


Onions - Many people are going to read this last one and be baffled.  Onions are notorious for bad breath, and defiantly not a choice for a first date.  But believe it or not, onions benefit oral health in a physical and psychological way.  

Onions are colorless and add a distinct taste to foods causing no surface stains on the pearly whites.  After being consumed, onions work the mind psychologically by allowing the person to know that they have bad breath.  This will cause most individuals to immediately brush their teeth after eating, stopping any foods from having time to nestle their way into any nooks and crannies within the mouth.


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