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Coconut Super Fruit: Why are Coconuts a Super Fruit?

November 09, 2016

Coconut Super Fruit: Why are Coconuts a Super Fruit?

Many people from all over the world have seen, held, or even tasted a coconut but how many knew the super powers it contains?

The coconut is considered an interesting fruit, known for its versatility ways and is found scattered throughout the tropics. The coconut is an unusual fruit containing a large amount of water compared to the others, making its oil a very popular ingredient in the kitchen.

Coconut oil possesses a variety of health benefits and everyday uses due to its nutritional content. The coconut maintains its nutrients even when heated at high temperatures; it liquefies at 76 degrees and thickens when it’s cold.

You may already use coconut oil around the kitchen but did you know the many other magical uses from this oil?


Different ways to use Coconut Oil

The kitchen has been the most common place for coconut oil because of its high smoking point while cooking. Coconut oil is excellent for baking, frying or replacing butter in any meal as it's rich in nutrients and flavor.

During recent years, many people have been discovering many alternative uses for coconut oil and benefits that come along with it.

Oil that was found in our kitchen is making the way to the bathroom, and bedrooms as a beauty and health ingredient. There are many different types of coconut oils that can be purchased around the world that are better than others, but the most beneficial oil is unrefined, cold press, organic coconut oil to maximize all benefits for any use.

You can read more about unrefined vs refined coconut oil by following the link or check out the popular uses for coconut oil below.

Here is a very short list but important uses for coconut oil:

  • Super hair conditioner
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Shaving cream
  • Makeup remover
  • Treat athletes foot
  • Natural Chapstick
  • Gum Disease
  • Bath Oil
  • Tanning lotion
  • Dandruff
  • Cheekbone highlighter

Now that you’ve read some of the alternative uses for coconut oil it’s important to learn the benefits that make it a better substitute than other products.


Benefits for using Coconut Oil

There are countless benefits to using coconut oil all due to the fatty acids and nutrients it possesses. Coconut oil is composed of fatty acids such as Medium Chain Triglycerides and Lauric acid that allow for the body to receive numerous health benefits.

The Medium Chain Triglycerides, also known as MCT, are easily digested and absorbed by the body avoiding any negative effect on cholesterol. In fact, the oil doesn’t even need to be digested by the liver or Gal bladder resulting in energy, body heat production, increased circulation and metabolic rate.

On the other hand, the Lauric acid fights against fungus, bacteria, and viruses by slowing down and destroying their membranes. This action is beneficial when coconut oil pulling, helping destroy the microorganisms in the mouth that create plaque, bad breath, and gum disease. Furthermore, this acid has been known to protect your heart and reduce cholesterol levels.

The following is a list of coconut oil benefits for your health

  • Lauric Acid helps boost metabolism
  • Helps kills gut rot
  • Removes toxins from mouth
  • Prevents gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, bleeding gums
  • Whitens Teeth
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help with depression & anxiety
  • Improves circulation
  • Help heal cold sores naturally
  • Help with eczema
  • Moisturizes skin, face, cuticles, and feet.
  • Help prevent stretch marks
  • Support healthy thyroid function


At PerlaCoco, we've included unrefined, organic coconut oil as an ingredient in our product. When a person adds coconut oil pulling to their morning routine, they’re opening the body up to plenty of benefits.

Coconut oil pulling not only improves your oral health by removing the toxins, bacteria, and fungus in your mouth but also improves your overall health.

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