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Oil Pulling for Acne: Can it Really Help Clear Acne?

October 24, 2016

Oil Pulling for Acne: Can it Really Help Clear Acne?

Nobody enjoys rolling out of bed in the morning to look in the mirror and notice a giant pimple.

Acne can be embarrassing at any age.

Although it’s the most common skin condition in North America, proper treatments, and information about acne can be scarce.

To help prevent you from running into this embarrassing moment in your life we will share a natural remedy that has helped many already.

But first:

Let’s go over some context about acne that will eventually help you understand the process of the natural remedy.

Acne is an area of the skin made up of a collection of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. The skin disease occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dirt, oil, or dead skin cells.  

Acne is most common in teenagers and young adults primarily affecting the face, upper chest, and back. The results can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem, and depression.

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Oil Pulling for Acne Treatment

If you have never heard of oil pulling, you are missing out on one of the best natural remedies in the health and beauty industry.

Oil pulling is a technique in which you swish, a type of oil  around your mouth to remove toxins resulting in an endless amount of health benefits.

But how does oil pulling help provide treatment for acne?


During the process bacteria and other harmful toxins to the body are attracted to the fats in the oil swished around the mouth. The toxins are then removed from the body when spitting out the oil when oil pulling is completed.

The body contains millions of bacteria both good and bad; the good ones help keep the body healthy. It is essential in having a bacterial balance for a healthy body and skin. Oil pulling removes most of the oral bacteria and a bit of the gut bacteria helping prevent the breakout of acne.

To add to that,

Excessive stresses on different organs in the body are known to help trigger acne and skin problems. Oil pulling removes large amounts of toxins helping reduce the stress on organs. The kidneys and liver avoid having to process these toxins, which in turn reduces the level of stress giving the body clear and radiant skin.


Oil Pulling Benefits for Skin and Health

Oil pulling has become a part of many people's daily routine. The natural remedy cleanses the body by removing toxins that can create various harmful diseases.

People who use this technique have reported numerous health benefits from whiter teeth, improved gums, healthier skin, and many more health benefits.

Oil pulling also plays an important role in aiding the immune system and body functions. By removing harmful toxins it helps make the body strong enough to fight against various health issues.

The only problem with oil pulling is its level of awareness. Many people across the globe have never heard of it before. Once people have tried it, many fall in love with it.

People that are aware around the world are using this technique and are benefiting daily. If you want to join the oil pulling movement learn more by reading our article on oil pulling with PerlaCoco.

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