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Oil Pulling to Whiten Teeth

November 04, 2016

Oil Pulling to Whiten Teeth

A white smile is one of the most popular, physical characteristics that people notice when meeting for the first time.  

Men and women of all ages are going to extremes to whiten teeth and improve oral health, spending roughly $2 billion on dental products in the US each year.

Lately, the practice of coconut oil pulling has resurfaced and people are buzzing about the natural remedy that whitens teeth; one of the many health benefits the body obtains from it.  

This remarkable treatment has been kept quite for thousands of years but has started circulating once again.

Let us share with you how oil pulling will PerlaCoco will help whiten your teeth. 

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

In a remarkable 20 minutes, swishing PerlaCoco oil in and around your mouth will provide a list of benefits that one would never imagine.

The process of oil pulling is done in three simple steps that we list on the back of each PerlaCoco packet (shown below).

First simply cut the packet open along the dotted line while pouring the liquid into your mouth. Next, swish the liquid gently around your mouth for 15-20 minutes to achieve the best results. After the time is up spit and rinse your mouth out with some warm water, and then brush your teeth.

What did this three-step process just do?

oil pulling steps 


When pushing and pulling the oil in the mouth it acts as a cleanser by pulling the toxins out of the cracks and crevasses that are accumulated every day. The toxins stick to the fatty acids in PerlaCoco drawing out the diseases and harmful elements and removing them from the mouth.

The oil will become thicker and white after a couple of minutes of oil pulling; this is bacteria building up within the oil. The process of oil pulling can be done with any oil, but coconut oil is the popular choice because it’s extremely antibacterial making it great for the mouth.

The list of coconut oil benefits are endless, but the following is an explanation of how it helps whiten teeth.

How PerlaCoco helps Whiten Teeth

PerlaCoco is a natural way to whiten teeth as one of the many health benefits that result from oil pulling. It is known that tooth decay is the 2 nd most common disease in North America following the common cold.

In every person's mouth, there is a build-up of microorganisms that reside on the teeth but also the gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. One important job every day is to minimize these microorganisms to protect our oral hygiene.

PerlaCoco was created with unrefined coconut oil composed of fatty acids. Within these fatty acids is Caprylic and Lauric acid, which are known for dealing with bacterial infections and exhibiting antimicrobial properties.

When swishing the oil around the mouth these fatty acids attract the membranes in organisms like bacteria and fungus, and efficiently fight bacteria covered in lipids such as Streptococcus species.

While the oil pulling process is happening the oil cuts right through the plaque to the tooth's surface, eventually loosening the plaque and preventing build up. When the time is up, the oil is removed from your mouth taking all of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi with it. Oil pulling helps eliminate or prevent gum disease, cavities, bad breath, and plaque build when conducted on a daily basis.

Interested in trying it out?

Head over to the PerlaCoco product page and start living with a healthier smile!

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