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Oil Pulling: What is the Best Oil for Oil Pulling?

October 26, 2016

Oil Pulling: What is the Best Oil for Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is a 5000-year-old ancient Ayurveda remedy that recently resurfaced around the world. There are many people who critique oil pulling because they are unaware of the technicality of the procedure, or they didn’t hear about it from a certified professional.

Oil Pulling is an oral treatment procedure that is worth learning about and we’re about to share why!

What a lot of people seem to forget is that your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. When your mouth is properly working it helps improve the rest of the body.

If a person has bad oral hygiene it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, as well as problems with your sinuses or ear canals. What oil pulling does is ensures the cleanliness of your mouth by reducing the bacteria within it.

The microorganisms within your mouth consist of a single cell covered with a fatty membrane.  The fatty acids in the oil come into contact with the microorganisms causing them to latch onto each other.

After swishing oil in and around for 15-20 minutes, the oil is then removed from the mouth taking the absorbed toxins with it. A clean mouth not only helps you feel refreshing inside but also allows you to feel more energetic and positive on the outside.


What Oil to use for Oil Pulling

Now that you’ve committed to oil pulling the next decision awaits you, what oil will best suit me? Well, to be perfectly honest any oil will work, but there are three choices that have more benefits than the others.

First, Sesame oil is considered the traditional ingredient for oil pulling. This oil is the cheapest allowing smaller budgets to afford oil pulling on a regular basis. Sesame oil helps clear the germs needed for bad breath and mouth disease. This oil does the trick but does it at a minimal effort missing the main acid.

The next oil on the list is Sunflower oil, this common cooking oil is very similar to Sesame oil but offers a few more benefits. When oil pulling, sunflower oil helps with gum and teeth problems, sensitivity, reduces lymph nodes swelling and helps with blood circulation.

Although it sounds promising, sunflower oil is also not the top oil for the process.  So, what oil is the best?

Why Coconut Oil is the Best for Oil Pulling

When creating PerlaCoco our mission was to offer the best product for our community. To do this, we had to research what oil was the most beneficial to our health.

One important fact about coconut oil is it maintains its nutrients even when heated at high temperatures allowing our bodies to capitalize on this.

Furthermore, coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides and high in Lauric acid making it very effective in attacking the bacteria in our mouths. To be more specific Lauric acid is very popular for slowing down and destroying Strep Mutans; the cause for tooth decay.

When using coconut oil pulling the benefits are endless, it removes toxins and bacteria thus improving your oral health. Furthermore, coconut oil also boosts the immune system, balances hormones, increases energy, improves skin condition, reduces hangover symptoms, and the list goes on with coconut oil pulling benefits.

To get started with your oil pulling experience visit our product page where you can choose from our different week plans. If you want to learn a little bit more about the remedy feel free to check out, “ What is Oil Pulling?


Love your healthy smile!


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