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Oil pulling originated over 3000 years ago in India, and is still the most effective way to clean your mouth. As the oil hits your teeth and gums, bacteria is picked up as though they are being drawn to a powerful magnet. Bacteria hiding under crevices in the gums and in pores and tubules within the teeth are pulled out of their hiding places and held firmly in the solution.  The oil bonds to the bacteria in your mouth and is much more effective as it's completely organic and doesn't strip away the enamel on your teeth.

It is very simple to do, you just have to follow a 3-step method: 


(insert 3 step image here)




Perla Coco Is:

  • Gluten Free

  • 100% Organic

  • Fair Trade

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Safe On: Braces, Veneers, Caps, Crowns, Etc.

  • Proven To Whiten & Clean Your Teeth


Perla Coco Can:

    • Cure Tooth Decay

    • Kill Bad Breath

    • Heal Bleeding Gums

    • Help Protect From Heart Disease

    • Reduce Inflammation

    • Whiten Teeth

    • Sooth Sore/Dry Throat

    • Prevent Cavities

    • Boost Immune System

    • Protect From Gingivitis

    • Protect Your Mouth From Plaque 

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