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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how oil pulling with PerlaCoco will lead you to loving your healthy smile. Listed below are some commonly asked questions and answers that have been selected from customer emails and our social media accounts.

Who is PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco is a North American company who believes in a healthy smile. PerlaCoco is a lifestyle that promotes oral health through 100% Natural Health products. PerlaCoco has reinvented oil pulling providing a natural method of teeth whitening while offering many more oral health benefits.

Where can I get PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco can only be purchased online for now at PerlaCoco Oil Pulling.

PerlaCoco Coconut Oil Packages

How do I take PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco comes portioned in daily packages to make the process very simple. Each morning carefully rip one of the packages open before brushing your teeth to get the best results. Simply pour the oil into your mouth and begin to push and pull it between your teeth. This process should be done for a minimum of 5 minutes, but oil pullers should last 15 minutes to see the best results. When you have completed the 15 minutes spit the PerlaCoco Oil into the garbage. After you are done simply rinse your mouth out with some warm water, and brush your teeth.   This process should continue daily for the remainder of the package.

DO NOT spit the oil into a sink, or toilet, it could potentially clog the pipes.

Is PerlaCoco a solid or liquid?

PerlaCoco is oil that can change from solid to liquid depending on the temperature surrounding it. If the temperature is cold the packets will be solid, simply hold the packet between your hands for a few seconds and it will liquefy. To speed up the process, PerlaCoco can be placed in your mouth as a solid. The warmth from your mouth quickly turns the oil to a liquid in seconds allowing oil pulling to begin.

When is the best time to take PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco can be used either in the morning or night before brushing your teeth. However for best results use first thing in the morning just before brushing.

How does PerlaCoco work?

PerlaCoco is the most effective and natural way to clean your mouth. As the user begins to push and pull the oil hits the teeth and gums collecting the bacteria like a powerful magnet. The bacteria hiding under crevices in the gums, pores, and tubules within the teeth are pulled out of their hiding places being held firmly by the solution. This natural method provides many oral health benefits that can be further explained on the about page.

How long can I use PerlaCoco?

We suggest using PerlaCoco for 7-28 days per month; longer for best results.

What are the age restrictions for PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco can be used at any age, but it is very important to swish and spit, DO NOT swallow the oil. For this reason, we strongly recommend ages 16+ or accompanied by an adult.  

What are the methods of payment for PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco is currently only available for purchase online by Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and American Express.

Where does PerlaCoco deliver too?

PerlaCoco wants to give everyone the chance to love your healthy smile; in that case we deliver World Wide!

How long does it take PerlaCoco to Respond?

At PerlaCoco we believe Customer service is as important as our product, we try to respond within 24 hours.

How long must you use PerlaCoco before seeing results?

Many people have seen results within days of using PerlaCoco, but we recommend using it 7-28 days per month to keep your mouth clean and teeth white.

Do you stop PerlaCoco after a whole pack?

Most of our clients who have the best results use PerlaCoco 14 days each month to ensure their mouth stays clean and teeth stay white.

How long does it take to deliver PerlaCoco?

PerlaCoco shipping time is dependent on the location you are from.

How does PerlaCoco whiten teeth?

PerlaCoco whitens teeth by reducing the bacteria that creates tooth decay and dental cavities. Individuals notice natural whitening results when using PerlaCoco due to the oil pulling out the microbes from the crevices of the teeth erasing the stains.

Can you use PerlaCoco with Dental Braces?

Yes, PerlaCoco will not harm or obstruct with braces.

Does PerlaCoco contain Chemicals or Bleach?

No! PerlaCoco is 100% Natural ingredients.

Is PerlaCoco Gluten Free?

Yes! All of PerlaCoco products are 100% Natural and Gluten Free.

Does PerlaCoco make your Teeth Sensitive?

No! Unlike Whitestrips and many other teeth whiteners, PerlaCoco doesn’t bleach or harm your teeth. Our ingredients are 100% natural and actually help build enamel to protect your teeth and keep them white.

Can you use PerlaCoco when you’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Yes! PerlaCoco is 100% natural and can actually benefit pregnant women. During a pregnancy women normally develop gingivitis due to their hormones changes. The bacteria from the mouth can enter the body and lead to a premature delivery. PerlaCoco can be used to rid your mouth from all of those extra bacteria.

Can you use PerlaCoco with Veneers?

Yes! PerlaCoco is a product that benefits oral health; in that case it has many benefits for your entire mouth and not just your teeth!

Do I use PerlaCoco Every Day?

Yes, for best results one package should be used daily until all of them have been used.


Have you read through our entire FAQ and still need an answer to your question? Don’t worry head to any of PerlaCoco’s social media platforms and ask the question while attaching the following #askperlacoco.

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